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Children Across Borders (CAB) is working as a part of International Social Service Japan(ISSJ). We provid diverse support for children's best interests on a wide range of problems that cannot be resolved alone by Japanese resources. 

About ISSJ
(International Social Service Japan)

International Social Service Japan (ISSJ) is a non-profit organization that helps individuals, children and families confronted with complex social welfare issues because of migration and crossing country borders.

In 1952, in order to help war orphans and mixed race children, The Japan-American Joint Committee for the Assistance of Orphans was established in Tokyo. Then in 1959, from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (now known as the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare), the organization was authorized as a social welfare service corporation.

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About ISS
(International Social Service)

ISSJ also joined the International Social Service (ISS) network, and have been the Japanese branch. The ISS is a worldwide NGO and international social welfare professional organization with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and is the advisory organization to The United Nation.

Not only with other branches of ISS, but we also work with various concerned governmental agencies, courts, hospitals, welfare institutions, and schools. Our counselling is handled by experienced social workers who study social work and/or psychology.

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Staffs in Children Across Borders(CAB) 


Fumie Azukizawa

Registered as a lawyer in 2001 (belonging to the Kanagawa Bar Association). ISSJ board member. Graduated LLM (International Human Rights Law) at Queen Mary College, University of London. Involved in many cases related to foreign nationals.

Social Workers

Stella Ocampos
Studied social work at Concordia college in Manila, graduated and obtained national license of social workers. Worked as a social worker at the Pearl S. Buck Foundation (Manila Branch) to support children born between Asia and the United States. Completed the Asian Social Welfare Worker Trainee Program by the National Council of Social Welfare. Joined ISSJ in 2011.


Mieko Ishikawa
Managing Director at ISSJ,Certified Social Worker in Japan.

Ai Oba
Social Worker at ISSJ,Certified Social Worker in Japan

Natsuko Minamino
Professor at Toyo University Faculty of Human Life Design Department of Human Care and Support

Susumu Tada
Auditor at ISSJ,Administrative scrivener

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