Assessment of Children with Foreign Roots
(Family Relations and Home Environment)

Children of foreign nationality living in social care may have the option of continuing to live in Japan or returning to their home country. Children Across Borders (CAB) can conduct study through an international network to determine the whereabouts of relatives living abroad and whether they have the willingness and ability to accept and raise the child from Japan, and create a home study report to be submitted to the court and government.

Assessment of Children with Foreign Roots (Home Study of Family Relations and Home Environment)

CAB can also conduct assessments necessary for the child to return to their home country or migrate through the International Social Service (ISS) international social welfare network, by finding local assessment agencies, coordinating with social workers and public institutions, and translating reports. (For more information on ISS, please click here

Assessment examples include:

Even if you're not sure about sending a child abroad from Japan, we can conduct an assessment to explore new options. Please feel free to contact us for advice.


Inquiry and initial meeting (consultation) are free of charge. Subsequent consultations and support may incur a fee.

Assessment (Study of Family Relations and Home Environment) in Japan

We provide home study services in Japan, including report creation and translation, for court and institution requests from the relevant country.

⇒ This fee includes consultation fee, study fee, and report creation fee

Examples of previous case studies include:

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