Assessment of Children with Foreign Roots
(Family Relations and Home Environment)

ISSJ supports relative adoption of foreign nationals residing in Japan. In order to adopt a child, the prospective adoptive family must follow the relevant country's court or public institution procedures. Children Across Borders (CAB) can provide consistent support, including conducting a home study, preparing a home study report along with the necessary documents, and submitting them to the central authority. 

Inter-country Adoption - Home Study 

When adopting a minor, it is necessary to obtain permission from the authorities in the child's country of origin. To do so, a social worker must create a "home study report" based on the prospective adoptive family's home study.

CAB has provided procedural support for adoption of children from countries such as Thailand, the United States, and Germany to Japan in the past. Please note that CAB does not arrange actual international adoptions.


CAB social workers will explain to prospective adoptive parents(PAPs) the procedures for the adoption.

Initial interview

Before conducting a home study, the social worker will have an interview with the PAPs.

Home study

The social worker will conduct individual interviews with the PAPs, visit their home, and examine the child-rearing environment to determine if it is suitable for accepting a child.

Study Report 

Based on the home study, a home study report will be created. A translation will be provided for the relevant country.

Submission to central authorities

To complete the adoption process, the home study report will be submitted to the central authority in the country.

Welfare check

After completing the process, a welfare check will be conducted to ensure that the child is living in an appropriate environment.  The report will be submitted to the central authority in the child's country of origin. The need for this check varies depending on the country.


・Initial interview:10,000yen
・Home study (Relative Adoption):200,000yen
・Home study (Non Relative Adoption):300,000yen

⇒ Contents included in the cost: Individual interview, couple interview, home visit, research fee for child rearing environment, English translation of attached documents, preparation of English research report.

・Welfare check:30,000yen
*The number of implementations varies depending on the relevant authorities in each country.

・Child study:40,000yen
*Required if you already live with the child to be adopted

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